About Boone IP

We provide expert advice based on decades of experience with the focus, relationship, and intimate knowledge of in-house counsel. We partner with our clients to protect their ideas and provide counseling critical to business operations.

Clients rely on Boone IP to protect their ideas and advance their businesses.

We combine world class systems and procedural knowledge to ensure effective, complete, and cost-efficient patent prosecution. We use the agency rules, programs, and quirks to our clients’ advantage. Understanding the USPTO systems and motivations of USPTO personnel allow Boone IP to best serve our clients.

We counsel clients regarding their patents and their competitors’ patents in a manner to provide true advice. The business should be able to fully appreciate the opportunities and risks associated with action. Partnering with our clients, gaining a true sense of the business, operations, and people involved, allows us to fully inform our clients.

Boone IP fully engages with clients to learn their business. Boone IP acts as a partner to fully understand needs, protect the business, and adapt to changing demands — providing nuanced prosecution that is economical yet complete and robust, reliable advice.