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Boone IP Logo
At Boone IP, we partner with NexFirm and BlackHills IP. This allows us to put our total focus on our clients.

NexFirm provides Boone IP with the experience and robust support typically reserved for AmLaw 100 practices. NexFirm's service areas of finance and accounting, HR and benefits, and IT and telecommunications represent top-notch resources and smoothly running operations. Boone IP operates with the infrastructure and support of a large firm, but the versatility and client focus of a smaller firm. This is a win-win for our clients, as our clients get the best of both worlds with a law firm supported by NexFirm. BlackHills IP provides Boone IP with robust docket management support and paralegal support. Our clients can completely trust large and small patent portfolios with Boone IP knowing we have invested in procedures, systems, and support to ensure accurate docket management and bandwidth for large projects.